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Disrupt Roulette: Talk to a Random TC Disrupt Attendee!

Posted 2 years ago by Admin

For those attending TechCrunch Disrupt NY (May 9-11, 2016) or following it from afar, you’ll be able to call and speak with a random participant during the conference!  Talk to an attendee, talk to an exhibitor, talk to a panelist, or maybe even a VC!

Simply dial 1010 in the CallThere app (iOS now and Android May 9th) and each time you call, you’ll be connected to a randomly selected user at Disrupt.

Calls are up to 5 minutes, free, and mutually anonymous (no phone numbers used and its a VOIP call anyway).

TCD Exhibitors: it’s an opportunity to talk about your product, or even poll callers about it.

TCD Attendees: share your impressions with interested callers from around the world.

TCD Panelists and VCs: have fun with it!

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