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Case Study 1: How a dance celebrity used CallThere to speak with fans worldwide.

Posted 2 years ago by Admin

Matt Steffanina, an LA based dancer/choreographer extraordinaire and with a large social media following (4 M Youtube1.1 M Instagram179 K Twitter), recently used CallThere to talk to his fans while in New York and without sharing his phone number.

Matt just tweeted a link to a page instructing his fans to download and dial 212/NYC in CallThere for a chance to talk to him at certain times while he was in New York:

Almost right away, the first call came in from Massachusetts with others later from North Carolina, Texas, Brazil, Philippines, South Africa, and Sweden.  Here’s Matt talking to a fan in Massachusetts:

Some of the reaction of his fans after:

CallThere enabled Matt Steffanina to speak with several of his fans without sharing his phone number just by telling them to dial the area code of the city he was in. His fans would call that number and if someone else picked up, they would dial again until they had their chance to speak to him.

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