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CallThere “Ask Me Anything” connects celebrities and their fans in 5 minute chats without revealing the celebrities’ phone numbers.

Fans:  If you want to talk to your favorite celebrities, tweet at them to use @callthereapp, and we’ll set them up with their own AMA number if they are interested.

If the celeb you follow is already on CallThere, read the rest of this page for instructions on using CallThere to talk to them.

Celebrities: Artists, actors, musicians athletes with a large social media following, you can now talk to your fans without sharing/using your phone number and at your sole convenience.  Email us and we’ll set you up with your own AMA number.

Each personality selects an AMA number and the times they are available to take calls.  If you are a fan, check the Twitter or Instagram of the celebrity you want to talk to for the times they are taking calls.

Name CallThere
Instagram Twitter Youtube
Kaylen Zahara 1433 amazedbykay amazedbykay Kaylen Zahara
Sarah Russi 2459 sarah_russi sarahrussi


CallThere calls are free and you can call from anywhere in the world (but keep in mind the time difference between where you are and where you are calling).

Here’s what to do:

  1. Download and run CallThere for iPhone/iPod/iPad or CallThere for Android.
  2. Say OK when it asks to use your location (otherwise you won’t be able to make any calls).
  3. Say OK when it asks to send you notifications.
  4. Dial the AMA number of the personality you want to talk to and tap the “Call There” button (not the “Call Here” button). CallThere will ring like a phone and if they are available, you’ll be connected to them.
  5. Each call can be up to 5 minutes and is free.
  6. If you have any trouble making calls, write to us at
  7. For updates, follow the twitter accounts of the celebrities you want to talk to.

Again, call the AMA number of the person you follow only during the time(s) they say they are available. Of course you are welcome to talk to other people on CallThere (for example dial 001 to talk to someone in the U.S. or answer calls from other people wanting to chat).

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